The requirements of the rooftop construction

There is no doubt to say that the roof has attracted many interests in the real estate and construction industry. lampanda A roof is a kind of building part which plays important roles for the home because it can cover the whole space of the house from the top against the rain or the sunlight which gives the safety and protection of the people who live in the house. The shape of rooftop can affect the aesthetic look of the home so that the construction of the roof should be constructed properly in order to give the best facility and comfortability for the homeowner and the people who occupy the building.

The roof construction is a truss that supports the burden of the top part of the building such as the tiles. By taking the burden on the top of the building into consideration, the construction of the roof will be strong and is able to support the materials on it. Here are the requirements of the roof construction that are very vital in building construction:

– The roof construction must withstand its own weight and the loads on it by selecting the appropriate roof shapes that add beauty and comfort for occupants who live in the home.

– The roof covering materials must be in accordance with the function of the building and resistant to the effects of weather.

– The roof is also customized with typical local architecture in order to give the aesthetic and looks fancy or in tune with the environment or other building around.

– The angle of the roof must suit to the type of covering material. The more tightly material lid, the roof can be made more gently sloping. The materials that are often used for the roof can be iron, glass, wood, asbestos, and other building materials.