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    Trusted Online Retailers to Obtain Quality Vacuum Sealer Rolls

    Trusted Online Retailers to Obtain Quality Vacuum Sealer Rolls

    Searching for the best home vacuum sealer bags rolls at your neighborhood storefront? If therefore, you could experience dazzled by those expensive prices possibly, that may ask you for a complete lot for hardly any sealer bags. Consequently, why perform happened better go for getting them online? Retailers like Amazon and eBay are offering plenty of such products to interested customers, which come at less difficult prices, letting you are excellent deals thus. If you refuse to know where to purchase your vacuum sealer comes from, appear in our best choices from below.

    1. Amazon:
      Amazon is the largest online retailer currently, to purchase lots of vacuum sealer progresses to get. By searching for this specific keyword just, you shall find products produced either by reputable brands or wholesale producers that can come in a diverse cost range. Because of Amazon’s efficient reviewing program, it will be possible to check on what others have stated with regard to a particular spin of vacuum sealer bags, in order to observe where it excels and where it fails usually, and therefore, determine whether to obtain it you are not. Moreover, amazon.com could possibly be the greatest place for unique attractions, offering deals and coupons that will assist you score big savings.
      2. eBay:
      Known because of the auctions mostly, eBay is definitely a great online store that may provide the chance buy top quality points vacuum seal hand bags in cheap prices. eBay is just about the just place where you’ll be able to obtain four FoodSaver V3835 Vacuum Sealing SystemFoodSaver 11- inch by 50- ft proceeds of these costing just $47. 98 — A lot, considering that they may be very costly, which allow it to surpass $30 per rotate on other websites, for example Amazon. Make sure you browse if you would like to lower your expenses eBay, but are prepared to pay much more to acquire excellent offers.
      3. Walmart:
      An additional finest online dealer to shop intended for vacuum seal handbag rolls is Walmart – certainly higher priced than eBay, Walmart continues to be built with a couple of offerings that will help you dedicate your cash wisely. Nevertheless, Walmart can be selling products that result from reputable brands mostly, for instance FoodSaver, techniques not be expectant of no-name manufacturers – you will not find them here.
      5. BestBuy:
      BestBuy could possibly be one additional option you may have to find fairly-priced handbag rolls for your vacuum sealer, with their getting many products accessible to you to buy specifically, despite more costly rates. You could pay out $22 for 44 FoodSaver sealer bags, which is an excellent deal that may help the lender balance in your investment certainly.

    The above retailers are very much famous for selling products. Especially amazon.com is one of the best online marketplaces in the world. Various types of vacuum sealers are sold there. You can purchase many types of vacuum sealer through these sites.  Moreover you can buy these products from the above online marketplaces in an affordable price.

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    How To Choose A Good Hammock

    How To Choose A Good Hammock

    If you are an regular backpackers or camper, having a good hammock by your side is such a great idea. Sleeping the night out comfortably in a cozy hammock will be a wonderful experience and give you more energy for the next day’s journey. A good hammock brings you a lot of benefits. Not only can they keep you away from the dirt but they can also protect you from terrible pests as well as other element. So nowadays, there are more and more people who are trying to find a good free standing hammock for themselves. Depending on individual demand, we will have different types of hammock. So when you want to choose a hammock, especially if you have never bought or used a hammock before, you should prepare well. There are some things about hammock you should know clearly and take into condition when you decide to buy a hammock. Now I will tell you some important things to make it easier for you to choose a good hammock.


    The first thing you should pay attention to when you choose a hammock is its dimensions including width and length. About the width, you should ask yourself how wide you want your hammock to be. The width of hammocks varies to satisty the different demand of each person. Hammock widths can accommodate a single user or a couple user. So if you are a couple and want to spend the night together, choosing a hammock about 8.5 feet wide to be about to sleep comfortably. If you are a solo sleeper, choose a narrower hammock. You can choose a hammock that is 4 feed wide or 6 –  7 inches. It depends on your own demand. There are some sleepers who likes to use large hammock so that they can stretch out as much as they can. But remember that if you are kinda claustrophobic, a too wide hammock will not be a smart choice. What about the length of a hammock? Length is not a very big problem when it comes to choose a hammock. Lengths don’t vary as much as widths. However, if you are a tall sleeper, you should choose a model with the length longer than 96 inches (8 feet). A short model will bring unexpected inconvenience. On the contrary, if you are quite short, do not challenge yourself by choosing a too high hammock. It can cause some accidents.

    The second thing that you should consider when you are shopping for a hammock is hammock suspension systems. A suspension system and a pair of carabiners are important parts of hammock setup. In most cases, they are sold together with the hammock. However, sometimes they are offered as separate accessories and don’t forget them because your hammock will not be a hammock without them. You should also keep in mind that the webbing straps included in the suspension options should be wider than 0.75 inches. A smaller size can injure the tree.

    Those are the first two important things about a hammock that you should think about when you go shopping for a hammock. I will share with you more in the next articles.

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    DeMarini Bustos WTDXBFP Fastpitch Softball Bat

    DeMarini Bustos WTDXBFP Fastpitch Softball Bat

    The critical part of playing softball is the run and hit. A hitter requires understanding the right stand and the perfect mark. But the most essential of all is selecting the best fastpitch softball bats. The kind of bat is dependent on the sport and the composition of the bat.

    Most participants can just desire of growing to be as excellent of a new hitter while Crystl Bustos, but the 12 months she helped style the Bustos bat to provide younger participants their greatest shot! Produced with a grit strengthened composite deal with an Alloy barrel, you can swing for the barriers without having to worry about hand vibrations or sting.

    A 13 ounce excess weight drop will be important to assist youth participants obtain their barrel through the zone as quick as feasible in purchase to make sure maximum overall performance.Demarini Bustos have been around for a new while right now, building the video games well worth it.

    The problem of producing the barrel and the deal with produce the optimum output is what they possess achieved. DeMarini brings to you the greatest DeMarini fastpitch softball bats in city. DeMarini 2016 Bustos WTDXBFP Fastpitch Softball Bat will be your fresh best buddy.

    DeMarini Fastpitch Softball Bats

    Now hitters can obtain the outcomes they would like without fretting about the insignificant things. Think about yourself on the softball industry with the masses cheering your title. The reverse pitch participant throws the golf ball at you and you dropped view of the sport. Many participants have dropped a sport or two credited to insufficient handle over the bat.

    The game of an existence time ruined credited to poor choice of a bat. All this can become taken treatment of; yes right now you can possess a company hold and vision on the reward without stressing about the free handles with DeMarini Bustos.

    There is fiber reinforced composition to strengthen the deal with. It will be a one item alloy bat. The fiber reinforced composition eliminates vibration of any kind and lets the lead be taken by the hitter.

    The best length and excess weight of the bat is crucial. DeMarini offers developed the bat in like a synchronicity that the size and excess weight resonate to create the correct swing.Possess you ever wondered so why whenever you pick and choose right up a bat and check out the hold it always appears ideal but as soon as you begin to have fun with, it will go out there of manage? Nicely that will be because of the vibrations.

    When the soft ball strikes the bat it reacts with a burst open of vibrations and the participant loses the hold. In purchase to obtain better outcomes for the hitters DeMarini Bustos offers a hybrid comfort and ease grip constructed for the comfort and ease of the participant.

    Finally, Demarini offers been known for its reliability, creating customer value and satisfying the requirements of potential softball players. DeMarini is not simply a brand name title it is validity that the cash you spend on its item will not really go waste materials. The quick pitch softball bat developed for long-lasting overall performance and reliability will be a sportsman’s other best friend.

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    Do You Know How To Use A Golf Rangefinder?

    Do You Know How To Use A Golf Rangefinder?

    Today I bet no golfer doesn’t have a golf rangefinder for themselves. So if you are a newbie, you should also prepare for yourself a best golf rangefinder. It may take you quite a lot of time to be able to choose the best golf rangefinder for yourself. After you have a perfect golf rangefinder for yourself, another problem can come if you don’t know how to use your golf rangefinder. That is terrible. But I will help you. In this article, I will share with you some tips to help you use a laser golf rangefinder easier. How to use other kinds of golf rangefinder will be shared with you in next articles.

    Best golf rangefinder

    The first tip know how to use a golf rangefinder is to watch videos on Youtube. Youtube is a very perfect place where you can find thousands of know-how videos in just one click. But why should you watch those videos? That is because they have real pictures, and you can see exactly what they are doing with their laser golf rangefinder. Not all the videos are informative and can help you use a golf laser rangefinder in the right way. Choose the one with a significant number of views. I think that watching video is the best and fastest way to use a golf rangefinder. So just go to Youtube and search and you will know how to use your golf rangefinder soon.

    Some laser golf rangefinders have unique features. Some other laser golf rangefinders have the complex setup. Those laser golf rangefinders take you more time to know how to use them. When you buy the golf rangefinders, in the box you will find a sheet of paper with the instructions that help you use the laser golf rangefinder. You should read it carefully. If unfortunately you lose that paper of instructions, you can go online to the website of the manufacturer. On the website, you may find a lot of information, and luckily they can provide you with pictures or videos. If you are still crazy with the laser golf rangefinder, you can contact the manufacturer. All the companies today offers quite a good customer service. If you buy a laser golf rangefinder from a brand with a good reputation, you will get a very enthusiastic support. That is why I always recommend that everyone buy a laser golf rangefinder or any other golf equipment from a well-known brand.

    You shouldn’t expect that everything will be easy for you in the first time you try your laser golf rangefinder. No matter how they advertise that the laser golf rangefinder will help you play golf easier, it is not easy at all for the first time when you don’t even get familiar with using the laser golf rangefinder. Of course, you will soon use it fluently, and your game will be much easier with it. So what I want to say is don’t let the difficulties of the first time let you down. Take it easy and you will do it.


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    Tips for Choosing the Best Vacuum Sealer

    Tips for Choosing the Best Vacuum Sealer

    Vacuum packaging machines, or vacuum sealers, have gained in popularity among customers recently because of their helpful functions. Not only in enterprises specialzing in producing and processing food but also in family, these convenient vacuum sealers are very likely to be found.

    Best Vacuum Sealer

    FoodSaver Gamesaver GM2050

    Due to the benefits that vacuum sealers bring about, there has been more and more enterprises applying food vacuum sealers to producing food instead of using a mass of preservatives. Before the advent of vacuum sealers, preservatives used to be regarded as the optimal solution to preserve products. However, these preservatives did not ensure food safety for customers. If preservatives content used in product preservation exceeds the level permitted, they will build up inside our body and cause dangerous diseases (sometimes fatal ones) or damage our health.

    Therefore, it will be a good idea to use vacuum sealers to preserve food. In addition to relying on vacuum sealers to keep food for a long time, you should combine this method with storing vacuum-packed food in refrigertors to increase preservation time (about 5 – 7 times longer than keeping food in normal conditions). Vacuum sealers and refrigerator are perfect couple whose mission is to protect your family’s health.

    To preserve dried food such as tea, coffee, dried mushroom and dried medicinal herbs, you need to choose following models:

    – LD-300 vacuum packaging machine

    – LD-600 vacuum packaging machine

    – LD-660 vacuum packaging machine

    To preserve raw food such as meat, fish and pickle, you should use:

    – DZQ-400 vacuum sealer

    – DZQ-400×2 vacuum sealer

    – DZQ-500×2 vacuum sealer

    – DZQ-600×2 vacuum sealer

    To preserve big-size products, you should use the model that are not limited by size, such as M-2 vacuum sealer.

    After learning carefully about the prices of vacuum sealers on the Internet or on the market for reference, you should choose a manufacturer who is reliable and has gained prestige in producing high-quality products. You also need to read some vacuum sealer reviews in order to make the right choice. Last but not least, you had better purchase the machine at supermarkets which specialize in supplying kitchen appliances. There you will meet the staff or technicians who are willing to help you according to guarantee policies if there is something wrong with your vacuum sealer. When buying the machine, remember to check the origin and of course, period of warranty of the product. Generally, vacuum sealers have at least 6 months of guarantee, during with you are able to know whether the product you have purchased is of high-quality or not, because if the machine is a fake one, its components will be out of order after a short time.

    FoodSaver V3880 Vacuum Sealer

    One more thing you should notice is to choose the reseller who provide full of necessary materials to use vacuum sealers, such as: food box, glue or food bag. The best way to choose the best vacuum sealers is through directly purchasing rather than ordering the product online. Only when you observe the machine with your own eyes and try using it will you be able to appreciate its quality.

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    What is the most necessary tool in the kitchen?

    What is the most necessary tool in the kitchen?

    When you are asked “In your opinion, what is the most important tool in the kitchen?” What is your answer? For me, a vacuum sealer is the best answer because this tool has a lot of benefits which help the cook a lot. In modern society, the housewife is always busy with their outside jobs so that they do not have enough time for meal preparation. However, thanks to the vacuum sealer the housewife do not have to spend lots of time on cooking as they can store food by this useful tool. Furthermore, by using this kitchen tool your family will waste much less food, this is the best way help to reduce the extravagancy of most of the family in contemporary society.

    Oliso Pro VS95A Smart Vacuum Sealer

    Oliso Pro VS95A Smart Vacuum Sealer

    Not only helping to save food, but the best vacuum sealer also makes the taste of food better. I have used this tool for nearly 4 years and I find that it can keep our food always fresh. You know fresh food is always good for our health and that is the reason why I would like to state that the vacuum sealer is the important tool in my kitchen.

    I would like to share my storing food experience with all of you and if you have any good experience I always appreciate your contributions. I usually buy food in large quantities and store them for a long period by using a vacuum sealer. That is a great measure to save money, isn’t it? I often use this device to seal food in smaller portions for a long time storage, but if you would like to seal food in larger portions vacuum sealer can help you.

    For me, with vacuum sealer cook is easier and faster, instead spending lots of time on cooking, now I can use it for another useful activities like going shopping, playing with my children, work effectively…My life is now better thanks to this essential tool and I cannot imagine my kitchen without a vacuum sealer. This device also makes our picnics become more interesting and convenient, my family do not need to worry about how to store food without a refrigerator. My children often require me to prepare a lot of food for them when they go camping, with this tool the difficult task become easier.

    FoodSaver Handheld Vacuum Sealer

    From my perspective, a food vacuum sealer also come as a smaller handheld device so you can bring it anywhere you want and it will work effectively. You can also use a best vacuum sealer to pack food such as flour, rice or sugar and it will also remain protected from the damaged of humidity without becoming dry. That is the best advantage of using this device make me feel fulfill most. If you consider buying an equipment to store food, I recommend you choose vacuum sealer. I hope with my sharing you will have a smart choice and when you have any question please do not hesitate contact with me in order to get advice from me.

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    Top 10 Studio Monitors

    A good audio engineer needs a good studio monitor. A good studio monitor will make the work of recording and mixing music become much easier. Unfortunately, choosing a great studio monitor is never going to be easy. There is a wide range of studio monitors series to meet the specific demand of different users. You have to take into consideration a lot of factors to be able to choose the best one.  Here are top 10 studio monitors that I recommend for you. If you are not going to spend too much money on a studio monitor, the list is worth considering.Yamaha HS8 Studio Monitor

    1. Yamaha HS8

    If you have the intention to buy a studio monitor which has nothing to complain about, a Yamaha HS8 will be a great choice. That is why I put it the first of the top 10 studio monitors. In this price range, this HS8 is outstanding and is considered to be the most accurate speaker. Another benefit is that you will not need  a subwoofer for this Yamaha HS8 but still can get a very accurate bass response. Of course, if you want to mix bass-heavy music, you might want a subwoofer to create the best sound.

    1. Yamaha HS5

    I’m sure you will love this HS5. Although the bass response offered by HS5 is a little bit less accurate compared to HS8, it is still among the best and have still received  good reviews from users. Together with a good subwoofer, the Yamaha HS5 can offer a very good bass response.  HS5 is also a perfect choice when the room is small while the larger speakers can make listeners  get a headache because the sound might be too loud.

    1. Equator D5

    The Equator D5 is among the flattest speakers . It quality is said to be very good and economically, it is a little bit cheaper than Yamaha HS8.  An impressive thing about this one is that waves are made in professional audio settings. However, with just a 5” woofer, it may require a subwoofer to offer a more accurate bass response.

    1. JBL LSR305

    JBL LSR305

    This is a new brand but has gained a lot of popularity from audio engineers. If you have a small room, the LSR305 will be great. But one thing you should know is that the midrange is complained to be a little bit attenuated. But overall it is still a good choice in the price range.

    1. KRK Rokit 8

    A lot of users voted for this KKR Rokit 8 because of its great sound. However, the response provide is not the flattest, which causes mixes to sound a little different. Therefore, you should understand the monitors and when frequencies are added or subtracted. If you just need a monitor for home listening or simple audio engineering, this KRK Rokit 8 is good enough.

    Other choices include:

    1. Yamaha NS10
    2. KRK Rokit 5
    3. Mackie MR5
    4. KKR Rokit 6
    5. M-Audio BX5a

    Above is the list of top 10 studio monitors. Hope that you can find for yourself a good  studio monitor which best suits your need.


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    Timing – An essential Basic for Golf Swing

    Timing – An essential Basic for Golf Swing

    What exactly is the best way to swing a new golf club? Everything begins with getting the proper swing movement fundamentals within a location, and if you are uncertain then carry on studying and training by yourself until you feel safe enough to go on to more complex techniques. The particular swing movement is a mix of balance, fluidity and strength, plus they should be for the reason that mixed mix to create the particular forms of golf photos which are on focus on. Moreover, Best Golf Swing Analyzer is also perfect for timing.

    best golf swing analyzer

    Learning the right golf mechanics should be probably the most frustrating issues to any kind of golf player. Modifying your swing movement to get more range or even to proper the slice is practically a day to day work in a procedure for most golfers.

    It is just an issue of insides and placing the right body motions with each other correctly to become a lot more constant. Keeping yourself in order to make sure that will you could be more exact, is what matters probably the most. This won’t happen more than night time, it takes training the way in which.

    Here are Some Golfing Tips

    best golf swing analyzer

    1. Preserve focusing on the Golfing Hold: Stay focused upon making certain you have the proper golf grip on your own. It is important your fingers do not proceed whenever swinging a driver. Too much movement is really a primary reason for careless shots.
    2. Maintain Good Position: Avoid lock your knees plus bend them slightly bit. Along with twisting at the knees, you need to bend at the hips also. Keep your back backbone straight and tilted somewhat forward to market a healthier back.
    3. Sustain Good Balance: For some of your golfing swings a wider base will produce even more balance, and stop you from dropping wayward from your baseball during the complete pendulum swing. Try to not really tense upward whilst making the connection with the particular golf ball. You shall lose your balance in the event that you tense up.
    4. Excess weight Moving: As you start getting into your back again golf swing, your body weight will shift to your back foot naturally. You want to preserve your shoulders about the same planes and invite the energy to swing normally. For a company foundation, keep the feet grown into the ground. Never let your front foot ahead of the bottom.
    5. Timing or tempo: Having great timing may be the important element of producing optimum power. It’s the gas that will enable you to obtain that extra range off the golfing golf tee or fairway. Once you swing a driver, the swing speed depends on how much power the body produces into the rotational motion from the swing movement itself.

    You’ll hit the golf ball too early or too late. That may also affect your range overall. Another factor to take into account besides golfing shafts is examples of your own loft. The loft area of one’s driver encounter should match your own average driver golf swing speed. The low the particular swing velocity the bigger degrees in the particular loft.

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    credits01-sm (1)    

    Conductor Neal Goren
    Stage Direction Laurence Dale
    Choreography Seán Curran
    Scenic Design Dipu Gupta
    Costume Design Fabio Toblini
    Lighting Design Allen Hahn
    Make-up Design Hagen Linss
    Hair Design Lorraine Massey

    Orphée David Adam Moore
    Eurydice Patricia Johnson
    Blacksmith Lawrence Bianco
    Cartwright Terence Murphy
    Basketmaker Andrew Martens
    Fox Jennifer Ayres
    Wolf Nan-Maro Babakhanian
    Boar William Ferguson
    Bear Zeffin Quinn Hollis
    Monkey Tony Guglietti
    Mink Blakeley White McGuire
    Buck Kevin Scarpin
    Eurydice’s Twin Sister Patricia Johnson
    Eurydice’s Younger Sister Julie Baron
    Eurydice’s Elder Sister Tiffany Regal

    Dido Camellia Johnson
    Aeneas David Adam Moore
    Belinda Patricia Johnson
    Sorceress Tiffany Regal
    1st Witch Julie Baron
    2nd Witch Sarah Blaze
    2nd Woman Talise Trevigne
    Sailor William Ferguson
    Spirit Lawrence Bianco
    Dancers Tony Guglietti, Blakeley White McGuire, Kevin Scarpin

    ENSEMBLE04-sm (1)

    Jennifer Ayers | Nan-Maro Babakhanian | Julie Baron | Lawrence Bianco | Sarah Blaze | William Ferguson | Zeffin Quinn Hollis | Andrew Martens | Terence Murphy | Cameron Smith | Talise Trevigne | Elisabeth Turchi

    conductor’s notes03-sm

    When the question arose as to what should follow Il sogno di Scipione for our second production, it did not take a great deal of effort to settle on Dido and Aeneas. Here was an underperformed masterpiece that required an intimate venue for maximum impact, and I knew that we would have no trouble assembling a first-rate cast and design team for it. But what to choose as a companion piece for Dido was another question altogether. It too had to benefit from our intimate theater and be scored for a chamber orchestra, but in addition it somehow had to relate to the Purcell. After rejecting dozens of possibilities, I finally came upon Les Malheurs d’Orphée – and the better acquainted I became with the score, the more convinced I was that it would be the ideal mate for Dido.

    On a superficial level, Orphée and Dido have much in common. They both have their roots in antiquity: the Orpheus myth dating to the dawn of Western civilization; the story of the forsaken Dido first laid down by Virgil in the decades immediately preceding the common era. Both of the leading male characters are demigods, Orpheus being the son of Apollo and Aeneas the son of Venus. And perhaps most significantly, in the versions of the stories as set by Milhaud and Purcell, the protagonists die not of natural causes but of grief. Upon losing their respective loves, Orpheus and Dido simply give up the will to live, and with it, their lives. Both operas are therefore stories of people undone not by their worst traits but by their best: their capacity to love deeply.

    Purcell and Milhaud approach their themes in ways that say more about the ages in which they lived than about the myths themselves. In the Purcell, Fate is ever-present. Nearly every character sings of it, from Belinda’s assertion to Dido that “Fate your wishes does allow” on the first page, to Dido’s rejection of her suitor “Fate forbids what you pursue,” to his smooth response “Aeneas has no Fate but you,” to Dido’s final words “Remember me, but ah! forget my Fate.” If Fate (like its latter-day incarnation, faith) does not provide comfort, it at least offers an explanation of why bad things happen to good people.

    But in the nearly 250 years separating Purcell from Milhaud, world events undermined our perception of both fate and faith. Written in the shadow of the First World War, Les Malheurs d’Orphée gives no such explanation of human loss and suffering. When Orphée loses his power to heal, it is for no apparent reason, and the blameless Eurydice dies. Eurydice’s sisters arrive to avenge her death, even though Orphée, too, is totally blameless. Orphée goes mad and eventually expires, though he has only tried to help his beloved, the villagers, and the animals. No reason for any of this is offered. The world is a cruel, unjust place, and humans (as well as demigods) are impotent in the face of such massive injustice.

    Where can modern man find solace in such a world? As many have recently discovered, music can take on a much greater significance in difficult times, providing entertainment for those in need of distraction and catharsis for those in need of release. Les Malheurs d’Orphée was originally commissioned by a woman who was fully aware of the importance of art in secular times: Princesse Edmond de Polignac, née Winnaretta Singer. Singer, the sewing machine heiress, was one of history’s greatest patrons, responsible for many of the cornerstones of early 20th-century music, including Stravinsky’s Renard, Szymanowski’s Stabat Mater, Ravel’s Chansons Madècasses, de Falla’s El retablo de maese Pedro, and hosts of others. Without her aid, many composers would have been unable to survive.

    Thinking of Singer, I would like to take this opportunity to offer my heartfelt thanks to our own generous donors, who have enabled Henry Street Chamber Opera to survive in these difficult times. Perhaps life is not so bleak after all; fate may be unreasonable, but humans can sometimes be unreasonably good. – Neal Goren

    director’s notes
    Is there such a thing as too much love? In their own ways, both Les Malheurs d’Orphée and Dido and Aeneas explore that question, situating themselves at the battlefront between passionate abandon and community responsibility. The first of these widely differing works was written in the 1920’s (following the devastating events of the Great War) at the suggestion of Parisian salon society, and eventually premiered at the Opera de la Monnaie, Bruxelles. Dido was written in the mid-1680’s and probably received its premiere at court before King Charles II, though its first recognized performance occurred at a genteel school for girls in London. Both works take “classical” themes and treat them with considerable freedom, according to the composers’ individual artistic needs and social intentions.

    Les Malheurs d’Orphée
    The Orphic myth is the basis of this tale of a community’s love-hate relationship with one of its most prominent members. In the myth, Orpheus is the ultimate lyric artist; in this rendering, Orphée is a healer. In both cases, it is his marginality that disturbs, and yet his marginality is central to his usefulness, for it is Orphée who protects the community’s health and well-being, as well as its animals and crops. But when he absents himself to the mountains, three representatives of the community spread alarm about the risks he takes in caring for ferocious beasts as well.

    If they are reassured by Orphée’s announcement that he intends to spend more time in the village, that reassurance is temporary; soon they discover that it isn’t the town, but his love for a gypsy girl, Eurydice, that has prompted his return. Their hatred of her and her race is calmed when they see that she has been cast out by her own people, who reject her for loving a “foreigner”, Orphée. At the villagers’ suggestion, the pair leave for the “safety” of the mountains: a surprising change of heart, but there are worse changes to come. Orphée, now happy, begins to lose his healing powers. The wild animals start to suffer, and Eurydice contracts a mysterious illness. Orphée reproaches himself for his inability to save her, and when she dies he returns to his former life. Or does he? In the classical version he falls into madness; in Milhaud’s Provençal telling (not so different, perhaps) he is set upon by Eurydice’s three reproachful sisters. Like the Furies, they try to destroy him, but they are eventually silenced by Orphée’s true love for Eurydice. If that love could not save her, it can at least save him.

    Dido and Aeneas
    Toward the end of the 17th century, it was fashionable to retell classic stories in a manner based only very loosely on their sources. Purcell’s opera is a setting of a text by Nahum Tate, and adheres completely to that fashion. As such, only fragments of Virgil’s original story, as told in the Aeneid, remain: Dido, queen of Carthage, and her fascination for the journeying Trojan hero, Aeneas. On his way to establish what will become Rome, he is “distracted” by Dido. For her part, she is torn between her position as head of state and her personal feelings toward the bold visitor. Encouraged by her confidantes and subjects to reply to his advances, Dido submits to love.

    As in Orphée, not everyone is happy with the couple’s happiness. Malevolent forces plot Dido’s downfall by sending a false Mercury to remind Aeneas that his purpose in life is not to be found in Carthage but on Italian soil. Acquiescing, he announces that he must leave; the sailors prepare his departure. But Dido is furious. And even though Aeneas then agrees, against the will of the gods, to stay, it is too late. To have thought of leaving Dido is betrayal enough; she rejects him and prepares to assume her fate alone, begging only that she be remembered as she is laid in earth. Her great love, unlike Orphée’s, cannot save her from her fate. It spares only her beloved. – Laurence Dale

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  • Why Die schwarze Spinne (The Black Widow)?


    Conductor Neal Goren
    Stage Direction Robin Guarino
    Scenic Design Narelle Sissons
    Costume Design Martin Pakledinaz
    Lighting Design Jane Cox
    Make-up & Hair Design Hagen Linss
    Production Stage Manager Beth Burgess


    Christine Beth Clayton
    The Priest Kevin Burdette
    The Devil Matthew Chellis
    The Mother Deborah van Renterghem


    Patricia Andress | Angela Baade | Audrey Babcock | Peter Couchman | Richard Cox | Inna Dukach | Daniel Gross | Jessie Hinkle | Jennifer Holloway | Andrew Nolen | Vale Rideout | Erich Simo

    conductor’s notes03-sm

    “Why Die schwarze Spinne (The Black Widow)?” This question, delivered with an expression of puzzlement, was inevitably asked of me whenever I talked about Gotham’s future plans. Just as inevitably, upon playing a selection from the opera, I received this follow-up: “Why haven’t I heard this incredible piece before?”

    It was as a student in London that I first encountered the music of Sutermeister, when a singer introduced me to his Vier Lieder. I found the songs unbelievably compelling. The music captured the moods of the text as beautifully as any of the great masters of the German Lied, yet the composer’s name was totally unknown to me. When I moved to New York and programmed the songs here, audiences found them as remarkable as I did. Then, about five years ago, I read a review of a new (now out-of-print) recording ofDie schwarze Spinne (The Black Widow) in Opera magazine, and I immediately procured a copy of it. The work possessed me upon first hearing, and continues to possess me now. When I founded this company, I considered it a top priority to present Die schwarze Spinne (The Black Widow) as soon as possible. The time has finally come.

    Written in 1935, the plot (based on a Swiss folk tale) is perfectly suited to opera. The townsfolk celebrate because the plague has bypassed their village, not knowing they have been spared because a young woman named Christine has kissed the Devil. When Christine confesses this to the Priest, he exposes her act to the populace, who drive her away. Thus the terrible chain of events begins.

    The broad theatricality of the plot disguises the moral ambiguity lurking at every turn. Is Christine’s fate merely an example of “no good deed goes unpunished”? Certainly not: Christine’s first act may be totally selfless but is followed by an act of equal ghastliness. And why does no one stand up for her against the pack? Do the townspeople not deserve the plague as punishment for exiling Christine instead of rewarding her? Yet they, like the Priest, are stuck. Once they are aware of Christine’s pact with the Devil, how can they allow her to continue to live among them? If they do, have they not implicitly made a pact with the Devil, too? Sutermeister has thrust us into the real world – a world in which terrible things are done in the name of morality – where people are neither entirely good nor entirely evil, but complex, contradictory beings.

    The searing power of the music perfectly mirrors the power of the story. There is not one extraneous note, and its perverse orchestration (with its preponderance of brass and percussion) underlines and heightens the emotional impact at every turn. It is my honor and delight to introduce you to Die schwarze Spinne(The Black Widow) tonight. – Neal Goren

    director’s notes

    Morally ambiguous deeds somehow become less ambiguous when they are found out – or at least that’s what happens to Christine in Die schwarze Spinne. Her first mistake is not that she commits the inexcusable act of kissing the devil but that she confesses doing so, admitting to the Priest that she was drawn by an uncontrollable yearning to the strange man who asked only for a kiss. In this “don’t ask, don’t tell” world, it is not her sin but her passion, honesty, and naiveté that set her apart – and ensure her downfall: when she reminds the Priest that it was only through her pact with the devil that the plague ended and their town was spared, she sets her own trap. The Priest cannot now grant her absolution, for in doing so he would be admitting the failure of God to save His people. Therefore he condemns her and casts her out. The town vilifies her. Their hypocrisy leaves us with the question: Is this the price you pay for telling the truth?

    Christine must now come to terms with the fact that she is a marked woman. Playing by the rules is obviously not what works in this society. She turns to the devil, who offers her a way out: in return for her soul, she must steal the as-yet-unbaptized infant boy whose birth marked the end of the plague. Desperate, she accepts his deal. Ironically, the mother of the newborn – the woman she must rob to save herself and return to society – appears to be unaware of Christine’s status as outcast. Tired from the labor of childbirth, she innocently entrusts Christine with the care of her child, and thus the two women are pitted against one another. The mother fights for the life of her child as Christine battles for her own soul. And if the outcome plays out as an allegory of Christian struggle and faith, it is a peculiarly modern allegory in which two people who are both wronged are both right. – Robin Guarino

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